Lajmet e Fundit

lajmet e funditAttention to get informed with the lasted News you have to press the play button or go to the categories section and inform with the last minute news throughout the world or the region. Lajmet e Fundit was created as a new window for the citizens to hear something different from the everyday local Television that are right or left sided. This website is on the citizens side and everything that is published here are not indicated from any political party.

In our website you have also the opportunity to get inform not only with the political news but we have made a category section for every single  field such as, Politic, Technology, Showbiz, Culture, Sport, Live TV Shows, lasted news from Kosovo, Macedonia and all the region and world.

History: The history of Lajmet e Fundit as an online website have started 2 years ago. The founder of the website is a student that during his time in university was studying journalism and as a matter of fact to practice his profession in his own way how he loved it it came with the idea to create Lajmet e Fundit, and that;s how now this online website was created. Now we are a small team that work all together and inform all Albanian citizens with the lasted News every minute.

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