Lajmet e Fundit nga Kosova

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Kliko Ketu Per te Bdjekur Lajmet E fFunditBelow we have collected the most good and bad news over years for the Republic of Kosovo! 

Albania represents the Republic of Kosovo in OKB. 

This was the title of the most attractive news papers in Republic of Serbia that have increased the nationalists voices against this pact that Albania is representing Kosovo in OKB.

The Prime Minister of Serbia Ivica Dacic and the Prime Minister of Republic of Kosovo Hashim Thaci have agreed to talk in Brussels along with Catherine Ashton!

The ex Prime Minister of Albania Sali Berisha tells Hashim Thaci that the port of Shengjin is the gate of Kosovo in the Adriatic sea. This news was reacted in a bad way in the Republic of Serbia and the Serbian nationalist protested against the European Union and blamed them that they stole their holy lands from the Serbs and gave it to the Albanians, which according to them Albanians where inferiors in those lands even tho history facts does not agree with them they still believe the communism propaganda.

Albania and Kosovo celebrates the 100’st anniversary of the independence of Albania and all together traveled in the city of Vlora where the first independence flag was raisen by Ismail Qemali.

El Salvador recognizes the Republic of Kosovo and makes the number of total countries that recognize the state to 99. Ivica Dacic and Hashim Thaci travel to Brussels for the pact they want to agree with.

Kosovo and Albania collaborate together to raise the economy and become superpowers in the region for their rich minerals.  (So this were some sentences that during this last years have hit the Televisions in this 2 Albanian states and have changed the lifes of many citizens in a good way. We will still put throw years all the good and bad news in this page all complected in 1 sentence.

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