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History: The history of Lajmet e Fundit as an online website have started 2 years ago. The founder of the website is a student that during his time in university was studying journalism and as a matter of fact to practice his profession in his own way how he loved it it came with the idea to create Lajmet e Fundit, and that;s how now this online website was created. Now we are a small team that work all together and inform all Albanian citizens with the lasted News every minute.

Victoria Lopyreva married on the ocean

UntitledTV presenter Victoria Lopyreva and her boyfriend, footballer Fedor Smolov rest in a warm country. As expected, the girl photographing the local scenery, makes joint photo with Fedor and share them with fans. One of the images is very interested fans of Victoria. It shows how Smolov is your favorite, who is holding a bouquet of white flowers to the wooden altar. Frame is made ​​by the ocean.

Apparently, the wedding of Victoria and Fedor still held! This is evidenced by the signature under the photo. “I agree …” – commented on the model, accompanied by the inscription smiles in the form of hearts.

I do Was it the official wedding or not is still unknown, because the young people were in the territory of another country. But anyway, the fans Lopyreva rushed to congratulate her with a joyous event, “Love you, understanding and to always be together, hands and only in one direction! What are you fellows, “” Uraaa! Congratulations, “” How romantic. Congratulations magic “.

Recall the recent interview Sport Stories Victoria openly spoke about his acquaintance with Fyodor Smolova . According Lopyreva the first time they met with Fedor at a birthday party football player Yuri Zhirkov, in a restaurant where there was another birthday – Arseny Logashov friend Polina.

“Our companies have merged somehow, and we all, of course, the whole evening talking. While my plan was to not look for a boyfriend. Especially among the players (laughs).

Honestly, i did not know about the existence of Fyodor, the first time he saw that night. Well, I have something man, later revealed, spotted once (laughs). He found my number and took the initiative – asked me out, “- said Victoria.


The life time of Aleksander Gjoka

aleksander-gjokaAleksander Gjoka was born in Tirane Albania.He is a rock/pop singer. Aleksander gjoka has a big number of fans all over Albania. He started his career on the 80s but the communist politics didn’t allow any artist to be in the European or American style. After a few years of Enver hoxha deaths Aleksander Gjoka organized the first rock contert in Albania.

With the fall of dictatorship during the 1990s, the (Festival of song) had a temporary boost in both quality and diversity. The winning songs reflected the status of the country at the time. The 1991 winner (Ardit Gjebrea) with the (jon) song. During 1992 Aleksander gjoka  participated at the festival at that time the only one in the country so he came with a collaboration with (Manjola Nallbani &victor Tahiraj) representing the song titled (Pesha e fatit) it was a song with an “immigration/freedom “theme, which was the reality at the time in Albania.

Since then Aleksander gjoka has participated every year at the Festival of song. He also used to participates in a rock group named (Grupi X) and in the 1993 festival he was represented along with the (Grupi X) singing the hit song at that time (Ecen ne Shi).Aleksander gjoka has collaborated with many singers till this day he has lunched many famous albums and his last album that he has lunched is (Kuturu).

But everyone will remain him with his early song loved by every Albanian all over the globe (Anija Plake). Aleksander Gjoka also has a big number of requests from the live singing clubs and he participated in every single activity in different cities in Albania. Aleksander Gjoka will be remained for a long time by Albanian people for the excellent music that he has create over the years. He is still in a good move and Aleksander gjoka is correct for his invasions by different TV shows in Albania.

Qellehoet me dy plumba ne metro arrin te shpetoje – video

GunDuring this week in Russia one of the weirdest thing has happen. In a Subway in Moscow to mans were traveling in a unknown destination, they were next to each other, and as it seems on the video they were clearly minding their own businesses.  Both of them were dressed in black except on of them had a black leather jacket and the other an Adidas one with red strikes. The weirdest thing happened when an drunken punk as we like to call him started insulting one of the mans, at first the hit man as we call him now didn’t answer him at all, till the punk started becoming real rude and then the hit man moved his head and made the sign to the punk drunken man to shut his mouth.

The drunken idiot even tho that it was by himself went near the hit man shouting and insulting him. Before he was 3 steps away the hit man got up his seat and pulled him self back a few steps pulled his gun out, no words at all and bang. First shoot right throw his jacket lucky didn’t hit him in the stomach, next one a kick in his leg, pushed the drunken punk back a punch in the face and bang again right throw his chins a bullet, and that was it. The punk drunken idiot on the floor, both of the Russians now the second one got up his seat stand right next to the subway door waiting for the train to stop, and this time the punk moved again and now this time the second Russian dude pulled his gun out but no shooting just telling him not to move or otherwise now his dead. In a matter of seconds the train stopped both of them managed to get away without being caught.

A few seconds later the drunken punk got up and you can see his face covered in blood shouting like a little girl he was. At list even tho both of this Russians dudes were criminals but this time they were minding their own businesses. A good lesson for the punk. By the way earlier that day in Moscow a Russian businesses man was robbed while parking his BMW x6, and 2 man were suspected and from the Russian businesses man were stolen 2 million dollars in cash. What a day!

Dafina Rexhepi, nje minipershkrim

rexhepiDafina Rexhepi was born and raised in Germany, her origins is from Kosovo were her parents were born. At very young since 17 years old she started her career in music industry. She came in Kosovo and started her career in music in her origin country. With her own style of performance she has made it and has won a big popularity in all Albanian territories.

She was presented with the well known producer (Genci Perlvukaj) and this one has supported her in the most of her work. Dafina started participating at different music activities starting from live clubs and concerts then she signed her new song titled (Ne prezencen Time) at the (RTK) TV Music show.

After this they were words that she was likely to walk in footsteps of the other famous singer (Dafina Zeqiri) but the fact the she wanted to be different , does not mean that she is copying other singers, instead Dafina respect and appreciate all artists, she said in an TV show interview.

Then she came with a collaborating with (Dj Blunt and Lyrical Son) and they launched a new song titled (VIP), after this she came with another collaborating this time with (Etnon) and they launched the song titled (Ti mi Then Kufijte) this song even at the presents days is very liked and has a big number of views in internet. Her next big success of her is again in collaborating this time with the famous rap singer (MC Kresha) they launched the song along with a video clip titled (Delicious). Up this date Dafina has made one album titled (Dafinest) and is very well received by the public.

11-vjeçarja: Vras veten nëse më martoni!

11-vjecarjaVajza 11-vjecare, Nada al-Ahdal ka postuar ne YouTube nje video ku tregon per prinderit e saj te cilet duan t’a martojne ate me detyrim, por ajo preferon me mire qe te vdese sesa te martohet ne ate moshe te vogel.

Ne videon e postuar ne 8 korrik, vajza thote se nese e martojne ajo do te vrase veten, nese nuk kane meshire per te atehere ajo preferon me mire qe te vdese. Ne videon qe eshte regjistruar brenda nje makine vajza thote se ka shume femije te cilet jane mbytur per t’iu shpetuar mbleserive. Ajo shton se pridnerit po i vrasin endrrat e tyre, ky eshte nje krim. Pas kesaj ajo vazhdon me anet negative dhe pasojat e martesave te tilla. Sipas saj jeta do te perfundonte me aq nese nuk do te arsimoheshe dhe nuk do te bente jeten e saj. ‘Une nuk kam me pune me ju’, i eshte drejtuar ajo prinderve.

Prinderit e 11-vjecares, pasi dikush e ka kerkuar vajzen e tyre per grua, ata pranuan menjehere, por vajza ka arritur te shpetoje duke u larguar tek xhaxhai i saj. Gjate nje interviste te ‘National Yemen’, vogelushja ka akuzuar nenen e saj e cila ka pranuar marreveshjen e marteses vetem me qellimin per te fituar para. ‘Une nuk jam thjesht nje send, por nje njeri dhe nuk do te pranoja te shitesha kurre!’ eshte shprehur vogelushja perpara kameres.